About Me

I'll start off with the basics: I'm a 16-year-old kid from the state of Texas in the United States. I've always been interested in computers and technology ever since I was little, and now that I'm getting older it's gotten a lot easier to get into things. I'm really into GNU/Linux, and the current distro I run on my main computer is Fedora. I also like guns, collecting coins, crime (especially the Columbine massacre) and a bunch of other crap that I'm too lazy to name at the moment.

I can pretty confidently say that I'm a part of the first generation to have their personalities and lives molded by the Internet, which is somewhat cool and scary at the same time. Even though I'm not even two decades old, the amount of technological progress that has been achieved during my puny life has been astonishing; from 64-bit x86 CPUs to 8k televisions, it's just crazy thinking that people were still using Pentium 4s and Windows XP when I was born.

I kinda think of the digital world as an escape from reality; as in, I don't really like the world out there. For example, my home country (the U.S.) is in rapid decline, and things just seem to be getting worse by the day, regardless of whatever political bullshit side you're on. Crime is rampant and I'm pretty sure we're the nation with the most incarcerated people in the whole world. So yeah... it's not pretty. I've noticed that a lot of people my age tend to think that older people are responsible for making the world the way it is, and I can kinda agree with them, but at the same time I think things have been going downhill long before any of the people on this planet were born. I don't really have a lot of friends in the real world, but I'm okay with that. Most people just seem to be interested in manipulating and tormenting me anyway, and honestly I see others as tools more than human beings these days anyway.

That concludes my little rant about "muh society" for the moment. For now, my goal is to simply just make it to adulthood without getting killed and passing all of my classes. My life is pretty damn meaningless, but I try to make the best of it. I'll probably keep adding to this page as time goes on, but that's it for now.